27th, Aug, 2007 @ WORM

Usually clybbing is the weekend fun.

It was Monday.

But I went to WORM in Shibuya and had fun until my last train to my home.

WORM is nice club.

Many famous DJs has played at there.

That place is somewhere I want to play in the future. DJ in the weekend at WORM is one of my goal.

Event itself was organized by the people, who I have met. So I saw some of people that I have seen before. DJs are very small world. Since I started, my connection of friendship has expanded widly.

It was techno, minimal and electronica event. The lounge was more house like. But the dance floor had deep sounds, which I really like. VJ was good. I enjoyed the event. If it wasn't Monday, I wanted to stay much longer.

29th is my day for DJ. I have to choose some more back up tracks and practice. Even it is Wednesday and many of my friends will come. Thank you !

28.8.07 01:12

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