Track List 'slap'@module, August 21st, 2007

August 21st, 2007
Slap @ module, Tokyo

1. Sweet Decay, Gabriel Ananda
2. Rekorder 8.3, Rekorder
3. 48 Hours Crack In Your Base, MAGDA
4. Pip, Hug
5. Moody Samba, Guy Gaber
6. 3 Hours, James Venturi
7. Hey! Tiefschwarz mix, Ichundu
8. Frank Sinatra, Miss Kittin
9. Nord-West, Juergen Paape
10. Beaches, Guy Gaber & Chaim
11. Cold Kids of Death, Saint Etienne
Not many of my friends are core techno fans. So I just make the mix easier to listen and enjoy for them. I remixed more song and variety of sounds that fun to listen.

My friends told me even they enjoyed it. Thanks !!

This time was more entertaing friends mix. Also it was at the lounge. Next time, I would like to mix more down beats and kicks for techno fans.

And plus, I really appreciat Masa-san and Tomo-chan who supported me so much. Masa-san helped me out from zero. Without him I would not start DJ yet.
Thank you Tomo-chan, I always starts praxtising from early in the morning and also late night. She has never complained how loud I play the music.

Thank you for all !!

26.8.07 13:08

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