Picky for Music

I am picky for music.

Good sence of music is one of important requirement for my boyfriend.

I like techno. My future boyfriend doesn't have to have exactlly same sence of music.  But he needs to have good sence of music.

Mostlly I listen techno, tech-house, minimal and deep house at home. But I do listen classical music, jazz, bosa nova and opera music, too.

I always fall in love with the guy who is music lover and has good sence of music. Sharing same kinds of music is good but also different field but acceptable field is more fun. Jazz is good. Bosa nova is good. Dressing up and going to the classical music concert is nice date.


When I go out with my friends by car and listening my type of music, not many people can enjoy techno. Most of my friends likes rock and pops, hit chart type of music. To me spending time with those music are tough. And friends starts sining together along the song. I don't know much about hit chart songs.


Karaoke is disaster to me. Here in Japan, Karaoke is one of popular things to do for party. Even people goes there as company's event. I don't know music, which has songs. My music is techno, which doesn't have song. I become so isolate. Everyone seems fun to sing newest songs.


Even I can't catch up trend, I don't care. I neve able to listen J-pop only for singing song with friends at KARAOKE.


I just go my own way and bing outsider.

By the way, there are nice rock and pops that I listen, too. 



25.8.07 09:23

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